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Troy Maynard
Raleigh, NC
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Technical designer that started by creating pen and paper games at a young age. Learned whatever was necessary to bring video game ideas to fruition, including programming, sound design, animation and art. Graduated with a computer science degree then worked on an indie survival sidescroller action game for two years called Native. Participated in 5 Global Game Jams, Epic Games Megajam 2017, and did sound design for Star Plantation. Currently working as a QA Tester on Fortnite at Epic Games.



·         Graduated with a BS in Computer Science with a concentration in Digital Arts

·         Then spent two years making an indie game, Native with Unity. It was successfully Greenlit

·         Showed Native at 3 expo's, including Momocon, where it was a Finalist

·         Have been working as a QA Tester on Fornite at Epic Games since March 2018


·         Strong C# programmer, also have experience with C++, Python, Javascript, Java, SQL, Hadoop and PHP

·         4 years of experience with Unity and 2 years of experience with UE4

·         Familiar with a range of Adobe products mainly Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop

·         Familiar with Maya for both modeling and animation

·         Experience working on VR games in UE4


·         Led small teams of 5 - 6 people for the annual Global Game Jam event for the last 5 years

·         GGJ Game #1 (Mr. Face); GGJ Game #2 (Chipset); GGJ Game #3 (Cult Tycoon); GGJ Game #4 (WubWob); GGJ Game #5 (Quipu)

·         Competed in Epic Games’ week-long Megajam 2017 under the One Man Army Category


·         Five years experience making electronic music/sound design, self-taught Ableton Live and sound synthesis

·         Made the sounds for a released indie game called Star Plantation


·         Have put thousands of hours into playing and analyzing games of every genre, mainly gravitated towards games with RPG aspects since I have a passion for theorycrafting and min/maxing

·         Primarily focus on playing the competitive PvP aspects of games at a decently high skill level



Student Technician 2013 - 2014

Technology Assistance Center, Wilmington, NC

Provided IT support for students and staff at UNCW.


Programming Intern Summer 2014

Pietech, Durham, NC

Spent the summer setting up a Hadoop cluster.


Indie Game Developer 2014 - 2018

Nuldrums, Raleigh, NC

Owner of Nuldrums and primary developer of the indie game Native.


QA Tester 2018 - Present

Epic Games, Raleigh, NC

QA tester for Fortnite



Bachelor of Science, Computer Science/Digital Arts concentration

May 2014



15 Credit Hours, Game Design Associates

2008 - 2010

Wake Technical Community College



GAMES!, Electronic Music Production, Beer brewing, Sailing, and Snowboarding





Dr. Eric Patterson, Associate Director

Clemson University, Digital Production Arts

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Kevin Boggs, Associate Technical Artist

Red Storm Entertainment

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Matt Onley, Associate Editor

Epic Games

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